What is IK?

The Guild of Civil Engineers (IK) is the guild for students of Building Technology and Energy and Environmental Engineering at Aalto University, founded in 1913. IK also represents the students of the Computational Engineering bachelor’s programme, which started in 2019.

Students in the Guild of Civil Engineering graduate to become professionals in various fields, such as energy engineering, geoengineering, geoinformatics, water and environmental engineering as well as civil engineering.

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Fuksis with brand-new overalls

Building connections between employers and students is one of our guild’s most important functions. We aspire towards mutually beneficial cooperation, where both companies and the guild benefit from these interactions. By contacting our corporate relations officer, we can draft a custom plan for participating in the guild’s activities.

Examples of collaborations include excursions, annual celebrations and visibility at the guild room. We also provide companies the possibility to purchase space for articles and advertisements in our quarterly magazine Ruutiset, which is actively read amongst our members. One possibility is sponsor membership, which takes the form of annual support to the guild. Sponsor members’ names and logos also feature on our website, and they may leave employment postings in the “Rekrytoi IK:lainen” section.

IK’s place in the Aalto-organisation: