Päivä 4 – Day 4

Saturday, September 21

We woke up in the morning with a energetic feeling although it was raining quite hard. After we had done our morning routines we decided to go get some breakfast. We didn’t want to go to the same bakery we had already been in so we wandered around in the nearby area to find something new.

Even though it was raining and we did not have our umberellas with us, we had to leave for our excursion of the day. Gladly the walk to a train station was not that long. The train ride lasted for almost an hour but the stunning views made it feel like much less.

At the train station there was a minibus waiting to take us to our destination. After driving for a few mintues, we arrived to Artcava winery. At the beginning of the tour we got to hear some history of the company.

The Artcava winery was opened in 2004 by three friends. They came up with the idea while sharing a bottle of cava. The family of one of the founders had been cultivating grapes and making wine since 1730. The old winery had not been in use for the last 50 years so these friends decided to bring it back to life.

Today there are over 20 hectares of vines and in every hectare there are approximately 4500 vines. About 8000 kilos of grapes are harvested every year.

The second part of the tour was a wine tasting. They offered us four different types of cava and they all were really enjoyable. In our opinion the best wine was the last one we tasted, the wine was awarded as farmer’s choice. This wine has a longest fermentation time of the wines we tried. It tasted ”plump”, ”aromatic” and ”fresh”. After tasting every one of them we visited the cellar with all the bottles. At the end of the excursion we all got to bottle our own bottles of cava.

Altogether the visit at the winery was really interesting. Especially the bottling part was memorable. Thank you Sitowise for providing us this this unforgettable experience.

All the tasting made us really hungry, so after returning to city we divided into smaller groups to eat the first warm meal of the day. Having stomaches full we had free evening ahead. First we decided to have some rest before enjoying some good music and local culture in Barcelona’s open air festival!