Päivä 1 – Day 1

Wednesday, September 18.

We started our first day in Barcelona by having breakfast in a nearby bakery. After finishing the breakfast, we headed to the first excursion of the trip. Our destination was a civil engineering and architecture consulting company called Esteyco.

The excursion started with a general introduction of the company and some of their projects. One of the projects presented was underground constructions for Sant Antoni Market hall, located on the edge of old town. Under the market hall there were historic remains such as roman roads and medieval walls that had to be kept as they were.

After the presentation the excursion host took us to see one of their ongoing projects located in the Placa de les Glories Catalanes. The plan is to replace the aboveground roundabout with an underground tunnel to make traffic flow smoother.

The finishing touch of the excursion was a lunch at a traditional Spanish restaurant, where we had some tapas and paella. We would like to thank you A-Insinöörit for providing us the delicious lunch.

Our second excursion of the day was at Sixense, which is an international company with expertise in the fields of technical, digital and scientific solutions for civil engineering and research projects.

They offered services for vertical ground movement measurements obtained with satellite data, which is used for example in underground construction sites.

After the presentation we saw a variety of equipment used in monitoring for example vertical and horizontal movement and measuring the water pressure. They also showed real time data from the sensors placed on La Sagrada Familia and told more facts about the software. The hosts were eager to hear more from our trip and were impressed of our song!

After the excursions we had the rest of the evening to ourselves. We divided into smaller groups and explored the historic and lively centre of this lovely city.