Abroad excursio 2024 – Queuing policy

The queuing for the abroad excursion will be arranged according to the following policy. An empty name list will appear during this week at the backdoor of the guildroom. When arriving at the queuing place (backyard of the guildroom) write your name on the name list. Anyone can call a roll-call, which is to be done according to the name list. Persons in queue are self responsible that they are noticed in the roll-call. There must be at least 30 minutes between roll-calls. If a person misses the roll-call a mark will be put next to his/her name. If the person is back for the next roll-call the mark next to his/her name will be scratched. Two consecutives roll-calls will resort to the removal from the name list. If a person is removed from the namelist and he/she wants to still enroll to the excursion, he/she must start the queuing from the beginning. We trust that you will be fair and upright to your fellow guildmembers regarding the queuing.


There will be 18 places from the waiting list for the excursion. We will try to include those who are on the reserve list as far as possible, but there will be 18 guaranteed places. All those who are accepted will be notified on 18th of May, and the rest of the list will be on the reserve list. Registration will become binding in July, at a date to be announced, at which time at least a revised, but possibly final, price will be known. The price will be a maximum of €350.


The list of names will be collected on 18th of May at 9.00. Overnight stays in the guild room are not allowed.


A person may queue for another person in addition to him/herself for a very valid reason. The person queuing on behalf of another person must therefore have a compelling reason for not queuing. A justified reason could be, for example, a trip abroad or a summer job north of the Arctic Circle. The person waiting in line must inform the outdoor excursion coordinator of the details by 13th of May at 12.00 at the latest.


  1. Arrive at the queuing place
  2. Write your name on the namelist
  3. Don’t lose your spot
  4. Join the abroad excursion