💐IK x PT 2+ Wappusitzis 💐

🎈Has it been too long since the last Wappu? Have you forgotten the taste of sima, or do you miss the lovely bubbles of skumppa? Well don’t worry, it’s once again time to celebrate Wappu together with the seniors (2+) of IK and PT! Grab your overalls adorned with the coolest Wappu decorations on April 27th!

đŸŸThere are slots for the 198 fastest people, 99 for IK and 99 for PT. Registration opens on April 17th, the IK quota opens at 17.00, and the PT quota at 20.00. Registration closes on April 23rd at 23.55, and is then binding. The afterparty is open for all members of IK and PT!

WHAT? 2+ Wappu sitsit
WHERE? Smökki
WHEN? 27.4.2023, cocktails at 18.00, gong at 18.30
PRICE? 13 €
DC? Overalls with wappu decorations
WHY? Wappu, IK & PT

Questions? Please send a message via Telegram @ainoylanne

The event follows Aalto University Student Union’s (AYY) Safer Space Policy. The event aims to be equal and comfortable for everyone. If you see or experience inappropriate conduct, you have the right to intervene in the situation. If you wish, you can also get in touch with AYY’s harassment contact persons: hairinta@ayy.fi. You can read more about the safer space policy here: https://www.ayy.fi/en/administrative-documents/safer-space-policy

You can read about the space’s accessibility here: https://www.ayy.fi/en/servin-mokki