Pikkulaskiainen 2022

Students all over Finland gather to Turku for the winter festival Pikkulaskiainen on 7.4.2022.  

This year is the 30th anniversary of Pikkulaskiainen and it will be celebrated bigger than ever🤩🤩

Our guild has 19 tickets to the event. We will go there together with the guild PT(The Association of Process Engineering Students). The tickets will include the participation fee for the event and bus fare back and forth to Turku. More information about the event and the after-party can be found here: https://www.pikkulaskiainen.fi/event-2022-en/

Our after-party location will be the Aalto nightclub where the artist WILLIAM will preform.

The bus to Turku will leave from Otaniemi on 7.4. at 10.00 o’clock. The bus back to Otaniemi will leave from the Aalto nightclub at 02.00. We will arrive at Otaniemi approximately at 04.00


WHAT:  Pikkulaskiainen 2022

WHY: IK x PT & one of the biggest student events in Finland

WHEN: 7.4. klo 10.00 ->

PRICE: About 45 e, exact price will be announced later

The enrollment begins on 30.3. at 12.00 o’clock from this link


Questions? Please contact @OmenaJ on Telegram!