Homeland Long Excursion

Homeland Long Excursion 15.-17.9.2021

***NEW DATE***

The most anticipated tradition of the Guild of Civil Engineering, the Homeland Long Excursion is coming again! The excursion will be organized this year 15.-17.9.2021. As usual, the participants will be selected through an application. Also two (2) Norske Kimble winners will also be eligible for the trip. Applications must be submitted to the Guild Room by August 29 at 4 p.m. If you are not able to submit your application physically, please be in touch with the organisers no later than 22.8. in order to make possible an alternative return method. 




There is an epidemic roaming in the world and we need to protect ourselves from it. What to do? Bearing in mind the current world situation and taking into account the safety of travelers, the Homeland Long Excursion Committee chose the subject of the application as the most practical:


Corona protection device


Please consider the following factors in your application:


  • Creativity, craftsmanship and new ideas are positive factors in evaluating an application.
  • The application is personal and demonstrates the spirit of Homeland Long Excursion, as well as craftsman and teekkari character of the applicant
  • The application must include the name of the applicant
  • The application must fit in the bus premises
  • Instructions for use can be attached to the application
  • The application must not endanger the participants of the excursion
  • The applicant must be a member of the Guild of Civil Engineering


In addition to the concrete application, please fill in the form below:



The price of the trip will be specified later. Note that many of the traditions and excursions are held in Finnish. The Homeland Long Excursion Committee reserves the right to specify the application instructions. The trip will be carried out if covid-19 restrictions allow. If you have any questions regarding the trip, please contact the Master of Excursion:


Saku Ristolainen

050321 3052