Experimenting Live Stream Yoga

Are your shoulders aching from all that studying on the couch? Are the quarantine days starting to become a bit too boring? Isn’t it hard to complete a decent workout now when everything is closed?

If you answered yes to even one of the previous questions, IK’s sport team has great news for you! Don’t let yourself become passive yet join us experimenting yoga on Tuesday 16th of March at 17:00 on a Live Stream Yoga session!

A 60 minute session led by a Yoga Nordic professional will suit all from beginners to more experienced yogis. The session will be streamed via Zoom and all you need is a laptop for following and some space around yourself. A soft, non-slipping mat is recommended, but not necessary.  Remember to grab a pillow close to you for the ending relaxation! The session is held completely in English!

Come and embrace your inner yogi and stretch your way out of hibernation! The enrolment begins on Tuesday 9th of March at 17:00 and closes on Sunday 14th. There is room for 25 fastest enrollers. Participants will get a Zoom link to the stream a bit before the session.

Yoga Nordic also sends Sun Salutations to all Raksa-students and offers a free month to their video stream service with the code AALTO21! The benefit is effective on the OMline 1 mo/1 kk product.

WHAT: Experimenting Live Stream Yoga
WHEN: Tuesday 16th of March 17:00-18:00
WHERE: Zoom! Link will be sent to the participants via email a bit before the session.
COST: Free!
ENROLLMENT: Begins 9th of March at 17:00 here