Who said Wappu is over?
🔥Wappusimulaattori 21.-30.8.🔥
There’ll be dozens of events during the last week of Augus!
Otaniemi will be filled by feeling of Wappu, just before new semester starts. Come and join the events! 

The Guild of Civil Engineers is part of Wappusimulator! This means that there’ll be arranged some events from Wappu time  🙂

These events will be arranged during Wappusimulator week:

to 27.8. Raksarock

to 27.8. Wappusimat

pe 28.8. IK x PT Wanhojen ‘Wappu’sitsit

la 29.8. Kesäkisat (Summer Olympics)

la 29.8. Kesäpäättärit (Summer Ending party)