New year, new me!
Did you promise to take better care of yourself this year? Awesome! Start this year the right way. After a hard first week of school, take care of yourself and head on to the sills-brunch-sitsit, hosted by the Guild of Civil Engineers and the Guild of Physics.
The sitsit will be held in Finnish.
Signup opens 18.12.2018 at 12 PM and will close 7.1.2019 at 12 PM. After the signup has closed it will be binding.


To signup


WHAT: SIllis-brunch-sitsit
WHERE: Otarannan kerhotila, Otaranta 8
WHEN: 13.1.2019 10 AM
DC: Sillis-brunch
COST: 10€
WHY: Because Sillis is the best part of the party